Focus: Accessibility

When it comes to digitizing public spaces, accessibility for blind and visually impaired people must not be forgotten. That's why companies have joined forces to form a network that aims to do just that: To simplify mobility through accessibility in everyday life. You can find out how this can be achieved here!

Our articles

  • Smart mobile with MindTags

    When we blind people are out and about, we always take a few big questions with us. How do I get to my destination and where do I get information from? If we are lucky, solutions are prepared for both. But other questions often arise: How do I know that there are solutions and how do I find them? This in turn also explains why we find ideas in all shapes and sizes.

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  • Adventure Rail Replacement Traffic - safely feasible

    What would the daily way to work be without unforeseen rail replacement services? Right - often a great adventure! To avoid using up all your energy on the way from the train to the bus or vice versa and to prevent the treasure trove of curses from growing immeasurably, we need clever ideas that get us on the right track quickly, easily and safely.

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  • Touchless green time request for people with limited mobility

    Last spring, the Office for Mobility and Civil Engineering proved that accessibility is high on the agenda of the City of Münster. A physically disabled road user approached those responsible with a request to find a solution to the problem that he was unable to operate the request push button at a traffic light with his shortened arm...

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  • Accessible indoor navigation

    What characterises a good barrier-free information intake and orientation in and around buildings? In any case, it should be simple, because too many things are already complicated. This is how a system was developed that fulfils all requirements:...

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  • Barrier-free through the construction site - new ways for more safety and barrier-free mobility.

    At the outset of the guideline introduced in February 2021 for the traffic-related securing of work sites on roads (RSA 21), it is emphasized that the needs of people with disabilities must be taken into account. Specifically mentioned are blind individuals, people with visual, physical, and hearing impairments, as well as individuals of short stature. However, this Enumeration is not exhaustive...

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  • Fünf E-Scooter stehen vor einem Geschäft.

    25,000 e-scooters announce themselves acoustically

    The starting signal has been given! Around 25,000 e-scooters from the Estonian multi-mobility provider Bolt have been equipped with technology and now announce themselves as soon as a user with an active app on their smartphone approaches. Initially, Bolt e-scooters were equipped in the cities of Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Solingen, Neuss, and Mönchengladbach. Berlin and Bremen will follow in June...

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